Our Challenge...

Oceanic plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean is estimated to be twice the size of Texas up to the size of the United States. And this is only an estimate since it can not be seem from an airplane or satellite since the smaller bites of plastic is floating just below the surface of the water. Currently sea animals are being endangered. Watch the trailer for the movie "Midway" and see the results our plastic pollution… the Albatross are dying. This is just the tip of the iceberg. They are just once species that are being affected by our plastic waste.

If no action is taken to change this what will the future of our world look like?

This competition is to help change humanity's future to the possibility of clean oceans and thriving marine and wildlife.

Our Opportunity...

This is an opportunity to create a better environment not just for ourselves but for all living creatures. The challenge can be overwhelming since every body of water tested had bits of plastic bits, every fish tested had plastic bits in their belly along with the toxins those plastic bits absorbs, and now our beach sand and the sediment on our sea floor has plastic bits.

One of our first challenges is to keep plastic and other pollutants from getting into the waterways in the first place. Then how can we take our various forms of single use plastics and create long term use products; and how do we capture other pollutants and transform them so that will not harm life? How can we create new nonpolluting material? How can we get away from a throw away society? How do we recover clean water? With the best of the best solutions what does taking massive global action look like? Can we make a big enough impact to make a positive environmental change? These are enormous challenges and enormous opportunities!

On Hold Indefinitely!

The categories for this competition are:

Land Based Pollution Prevention & Recovery
Storm Water Pollution Prevention & Recovery
Oceanic Pollution Prevention & Recovery*
Processing & Long Term Reuse of Reclaimed Material**
Alternative Packaging Materials
Clean Water Recovery
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Our Ask...

... to Competitors:
Step up to the enormous challenge of reducing and eliminating oceanic pollution; create unprecedented solutions for humanity and marine life; and work on a project that could have a huge positive impact on our planet! Plus why not make fun and engaging innovative solutions that are also profitable?
... to Volunteers:
The challenge with the state of our ocean is great and it will take a great effort from all of us that have the passion and dedication to make positive environmental change possible. We need your skills, your subject matter expertise, our organizational skills, your connections, etc. We specifically need subject matter experts to be Mentors, Judges, Speakers, Public Outreach, Event Staffing, etc. If you have a passion and desire to help just let us know.

... to Donors:
It takes a huge incentive and bigger problem to drive groundbreaking innovations. Help incentivize our competition and motivate solutions for our oceans’ plastic and other oceanic pollution. And be part of the reason why the best of the best solution can become reality.

... to Sponsors:
Help us attract and support the best and the brightest innovators and entrepreneurs by sponsoring our winners, and/or supporting our events. Get well deserved recognition for helping cultivate responsible solutions for our oceanic pollution through innovative technology! For more information of Sponsorship opportunities email us at: sponsor@cleanoceancompetition.org

*Boyan Slat from the Netherlands has "The Ocean Cleanup" project, which is still in development and collects plastic from the surface of the ocean. The plastic pollution bits are floating in the water down about three stories or more and a percentage on the ocean floor, that level of plastic pollution is very important to collect because it effects our eco-system.
**Single use plastic products are the largest contributor to the oceanic garbage patch. Think of long term use products with a plastic recover plan.